Nordic Summit Podcast

Podcast session with Megan Walker and Vivian Voss

On this Podcast our host Guro Faller (LinkedIn & Twitter) and her co-host Benedikt Bergmann (LinkedIn & Twitter) will interview different guests. Those are Organizers, sponsors, speakers or attendees of the Nordic Summit 2022. The Podcast is recorded live on-site in the Podcast studio of the venue.

Sara Lagerquist (Organizer)

In this episode of the Nordic Summit Podcast we are talking to Sara Lagerquist (LinkedIn & Twitter) who is one (you could even say the main) of the organization team of the Nordic Summit. We talked about the idea behind it and how it has gone so far.

Ulrikke Akerbæk (Speaker) & Nick Doelman (Speaker)

In this episode, we talked to Ulrikke Akerbæk (LinkedIn & Twitter) and Nick Doelman (LinkedIn & Twitter). Despite both being experts in the area of Power Apps Portals/Power Pages we talked mainly about Community, Mentorship and remote vs. in-person events.

Megan V. Walker (Speaker) & Vivian Voss (Organizer)

This time we had a conversation with Megan V. Walker (LinkedIn & Twitter) as well as Vivian Voss (LinkedIn & Twitter). The topics we scratched on are Dynamics 365 Marketing as well as coming back to in-person events after this long period of only remote events. But also how it has been to get involved in the community during the Pandemic and the differences to this kind of event.

Daniel Wedeborg (Attendee) & Jakob Örneberg (Attendee)

In this episode, we talked to Daniel Wedenborg (LinkedIn) and Jakob Örneberg (LinkedIn) who both work for SopraSteria (one of our great sponsors). They also attend a lot of sessions and do share their experience so far as well as how they intend to give their gained knowledge to the rest of the company.

Tricia Sinclair (Sponsor) & Kaila Bloomfield (Speaker)

Tricia Sinclair (LinkedIn & Twitter) and Kaila Bloomfield (LinkedIn & Twitter) are well-known members of the community. In this episode of the Nordic Summit Podcast, we talked about upskilling, diversity, new people to tech as well as other events which are coming up.

Iain Connolly (Sponsor) & Daniel Laskewitz (Speaker)

In this episode, we talked to Iain Connoly (LinkedIn & Twitter) and Daniel Laskewitz (LinkedIn & Twitter). We talked about mental health, work life balance as well as just attending an event without having responsibilities like organizing.

Claire Edgson (Sponsor) & Carl Cookson (Speaker)

This time we had the opportunity to talk to Claire Edgson (LinkedIn & Twitter) and Carl Cookson (LinkedIn & Twitter). The topics we covered where Governance, Security and how to solve the lack of people in our line of work.

Sara Lagerquist (Organizer)

In this last episode of the Nordic Summit Podcast, we are talking to Sara Lagerquist (LinkedIn & Twitter) again. This time we talked about how the event went and future Nordic Summits.