Terms & Conditions

This page describe the terms & conditions for Nordic Summit, both our full-day event ticket and our pre-day workshop seats. Our Nordic Summit full-day event tickets (hereafter called tickets) are sold at a cost of 190 NOK (inc. VAT)

Our Nordic Summit pre-day workshop seats (hereafter called seats) are sold at a cost of 6000 NOK (inc. VAT).

All payments are processed through our ticket payment method (Stripe). When buying a ticket we collect basic information about you, in order to identify our core demographics and identify you as a ticket/seat holder at the day of event.

What if you cannot make it to Nordic Summit? If you have bought a ticket for Nordic Summit and cannot make it after all, please let us know! Optimising food ordering and allowing someone to take your seat would be of great value to us! We will refund your ticket when you cancel up to 14 days before the event. The refund process may take up to 5 working days. You can also transfer your ticket

What if you cannot make it to you pre-day workshop? We have a limited amount of seats per workshop. We will refund you in case of event cancellation. If you cannot make it, please contact us at participant [at] nordicsummit.info and we will discuss options for a refund unless you cannot transfer your seat to someone.