Nordic Summit Mentor Program

The mentor program for 2024 is closed for new requests but will open up again for our next event!

Continued success from our 2023 mentor program

Success from Nordic Summit 2023 mentor program with mentee Pepe and mentor Mats, as they reunite at a new conference to speak in a joint session!

Read about their mentor experience here!


This year we had multiple great mentorships with new and upcoming speakers in the community.

With mentors providing support from ideation, session abstracts to preparing co-speaking sessions we are pleased to say we have 4 speakers through our mentor program and one of those will deliver a pre-day workshop as an instructor!

Great to see our community growing and hope more people will put their name forward to the program next year!

Congratulations to Piotr, Máté, Kristian and Ole Martin!


We offer new speakers the opportunity to be set up with a mentor. This individual have prepared and delivered successful sessions in the past at similar events.

Remember: It will be completely up to you how much support you might want from your mentor. So, if you only want little support and just an extra set of eyes on your session abstract before submitting or if you want to do a full rehearsal of your session if you get selected – it’s all up to you!

A few examples of what a mentor could help with

  • Brainstorming of session ideas
  • How to submit a good session in the Call for Speakers
  • Feedback on session title and abstract
  • Feedback on slides
  • Tips on engaging with the audience
  • How to plan 45-minute session to get the most of it
  • Co-speaking

If you would like to do a co-speaking session, please let us know beforehand so we pair you up with a mentor that is interested in that.

Thank you to all the mentors we have this year for Nordic Summit!