Nordic Summit 2023 Testimonials

As Nordic Summit 2024 is approaching (you have not forgotten to secure your ticket, right?!) we take a moment to look back at the 2023 event. During the event we did a couple of interviews, with a mix of speakers, attendees and sponsors. What did they think about Nordic Summit 2023? In this post, we highlight these people, let’s hear their testimonials!


It’s interesting to look at feedback. How did we do, what could we have done better? Looks like at Nordic Summit 2023, the attendees enjoyed the sessions, the venue and the networking. Here’s a summary and a bunch of good reasons for participating in a community event!

  • Cool to see people you know and to connect with new people
  • Love the atmosphere. People are open, and easy to talk to
  • Great opportunity to network with experts
  • People are open to having discussions
  • Best starting point to get knowledge of this technology
  • It was total fun

It’s always a good idea to collect feedback. Positive feedback is a great motivator for continuing organizing events and constructive feedback and improvement suggestions make us all better. Some of the improvement suggestions we got included improvements for finding the right sessions to attend, e.g. even better session descriptions and titles, to have those available next to the session rooms, a way to easier find out the expected level of the content, easier to differentiate the different topics/areas. Other feedback we got was to easier differentiate if someone is a speaker/attendee/volunteer etc. Great input for future events! Now let’s revisit Nordic Summit 2023 and hear the testimonials.

The testimonials

Isn’t it wonderful that speakers and attendees choose to spend a Saturday together to exchange knowledge, widen their views, learning about new parts of the Microsoft technologies that one have not experienced before and to grow their professional network? Thank you all for being a part of Nordic Summit 2023 and taking the time to talk to us about the event!

Nordic Summit was total fun! I love the organization; I love the venue. We as speakers got a nice bonus – one night to stay in this lovely hotel. I want to thank the organizers because they were very responsive and quick to react. They had all the information speakers needed very quickly.

Agnius Bartninkas

Chief Operating Officer, Definra

The organization of the Nordic Summit is really good. We often go to this kind of events and here they have an amazing organization. The agenda is fully packed. Everything is in the right room. There is a lot of interesting and helpful information and a lot of really interesting people who could help us in the future. Also, we liked the pre-day workshops, they were useful.

Barbara Schäfer

Team Lead, Genossenschaftsverband

This is an awesome event. Even the fact that so many people gathered here on Saturday speaks for itself. The variety of sessions is marvelous. In fact, it is all about Power Platform, but you can choose, for example, Power Automate Desktop, Virtual Tables, or Copilot.

I think the venue is really good. There was very good food. There have never been queues to any snack or coffee stations. There was no standing in the line for 15 minutes during the break.

And I also like the fact that all the rooms are so close to each other. So we don’t have to run around and it’s easy to find everything. It’s also very simple for speakers that we are checked into the same place where the event was held.

It would be great to have a different color on the badge for speakers, volunteers, and attendees. Or it can even be brightly colored T-shirts for speakers and organizers, so everyone can see them.

Ville Gullstrand

Senior Cloud Architect, CloudWay

I really enjoyed Nordic Summit. I love the atmosphere. People are open, and easy to talk to. They came here to listen and to learn. I would definitely want to be back.

Ivana Gabajova

Head of Sales, Panaxeo ( during Nordic Summit 2023)

It’s really an active event where you have the possibility to see the whole community in this part of the world getting together. Things are moving quite fast in this Power Platform ecosystem, and here you learn a lot speaking with everybody. The place is nice, the hotel is cool, the food is good. People are open to having discussions.

It would be great to have the names of the participants printed so they are easier to read!

Benjamin Blanchard

Regional Director, ClickDimensions

With these great testimonials and very good feedback, we hope Nordic Summit 2024 will not disappoint! We are at least looking forward to implement small tweaks that we have learnt from last years event.

If you want to see more testimonials, you can check them out here!


Hope to see you all in Oslo this September!

Nordic Summit 2023 Testimonials

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