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Hi and welcome to our new blog!

In here we will write about Nordic Summit related topics. Wait a minute, Nordic Summit, what’s that?
In case you did not know, Nordic Summit is an annual event which gathers Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 enthusiasts in the Nordics. At our events you can meet with like-minded and learn from MVPs and other experts from around the world.

Nordic Summit is a “traveling” event

Nordic Summit is similar to a roadshow, meaning we will be ”traveling” between countries and cities across the Nordic countries. This year’s event was the first of its kind and it was held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our next event will be held in… well, you might have seen or heard of a certain little mermaid. The location is already out and there are spoilers for our Guess the Location picture in social media, LinkedIn or Twitter, and on our website. Good for you to know in case you did not know of this mermaid.

We started planning for the next Nordic Summit right after the 2022 event had been held. The location was actually chosen by YOU attendees, since our choice was based on the feedback we got after the event in Stockholm. Something to think about when filling out the review form after Nordic Summit 2023. 😉

Organizing team collaborating across boarders

The organizing team consists of representatives from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. We are also spread over several different companies. That is a bit irrelevant in this context as we do this in our spare time as ourselves rather than as employees. However we believe it is really cool to have such great collaboration even though some of us are competitors at work.

We all share the passion for technology and sharing knowledge with each other across the borders, country as well as company. We’re simply better together!

New blog!

On this blog we will share stories from Nordic Summit, from speakers as well as attendees, we already have some stories lined up for you waiting to be published. In addition, we will share news and announcements related to our upcoming events.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more posts from us!

Nordic Summit Team

Hello World! Nordic Summit blog

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