Nordic Summit 2022 Attendee Story, Osvaldo Filliettaz

As Nordic Summit 2023 is approaching here’s a new 2022 attendee post, let’s look back at last year’s event once again. Today’s guest traveled from the Swedish town Linköping to Stockholm to attend Nordic Summit.

About our guest

We have the great privilege to welcome Osvaldo Filliettaz to our blog!

Osvaldo, or Ozzie as he’s also called, works at a Swedish company called Samhall. He’s a Dynamics 365/Power Platform Solution Architect and IT Delivery responsible for several applications linked to Samhall’s sales and marketing groups.

Main areas of expertise are around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing and Power Platform in general. He has 22+ years of experience from CRM and prior to working at Samhall we worked as a consultant at a Microsoft partner.

Passion at work? To be a problem solver and strive to streamline processes and to simplify complex tasks.

One could read about Samhall as a Microsoft Customer Story earlier this year, in which Osvaldo also was quoted, Samhall sparks a digital awakening with Microsoft Power Platform.

Spare time and fun fact

Osvaldo is originally from Brazil and now living in Sweden since 20 years back in time. On his spare time he enjoys a bit of everything. From gardening to the fun fact that he also enjoys cheese making. Italy has a special place in his heart. Here’s a picture taken by Osvaldo while in Italy.

Nordic Summit 2022

Osvaldo went to Nordic Summit 2022 together with a co-worker at Samhall. That’s a great way to get inspiration from the community and at the same time be able to discuss with a co-worker how the latest and the greatest in the future can be utilized at your work.

Favorite session

We asked Osvaldo about his favorite session. He then mentioned Nick Doelman’s crash course in Power Pages, which he found interesting and where Osvaldo during Nick’s session got to familiarize himself a little bit with the newest member in the Power Platform.

Overall experience

The overall experience, what does Osvaldo say about that? It seems he appreciated to network with new community fellows and also to meet with old friends.

It was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with colleagues that work in the area, from Sweden and abroad, including MVPs we usually follow in the widespread communities around Power Platform.

Osvaldo Filliettaz

And the last thing to ask Osvaldo… The marshmallow question! Would he rather build a Power Automate cloud flow live on stage or eat 50 marshmallows?

“I would build power automates cloud flows all day long, but offer me snacks instead of marshmallows 😊

Thanks Ozzie, for being a guest at our blog. Hope to see you in Copenhagen this month!

Nordic Summit 2022 Attendee Story, Osvaldo Filliettaz

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