Nordic Summit 2024 Mentors Canadian & US Edition

In our previous post you heard from two of our mentors, Ben and Wilmer. We have a mentor program at Nordic Summit 2024 and in these posts you as a new speaker will get tips from our mentors. Along with their answers to why they signed up as mentors and what was their first speaking engagement. You can find all our mentors listed on the Mentor Program page.

Nick Doelman

Nick Doelman lives in Ottawa, Canada. From Microsoft MVP to Microsoft employee (Senior Content Developer) to Microsoft MVP, specializing in Microsoft Power Pages and all related things Power Platform and beyond. Nick also is a competitive Powerlifter, so not only does he get up in front of people to speak, but sometimes gets up in front of people and lifts very heavy things! Let’s hear from Nick!

Why did you choose to become a mentor?

I decided to become a mentor to give back to the community. I learn and gain so much from attending other presentations, I want to be a part of enabling new presenters to be able to feel comfortable sharing their experiences and learnings. I love presenting but I know it can be a bit scary for those who haven’t done it yet. Hoping I can help smooth the path.

Do you remember your first speaking engagement? Tell us about it!

I think my first “big” talk was at Dynamics CRM User Group Summit in Tampa, Florida. My time ran out and I still had at least a third of my content. It all worked out (nobody seemed to notice) and I had a huge line up of attendees asking questions.

What’s your best advise to new speakers?

The best advice I can give is to relax, and ultimately, remember how much you are being paid to present in most community conferences… nothing! It’s volunteer work, nobody is expecting you to deliver the next great TED talk (you’ll get there eventually). All you need to do is go up there and share something that you have learned, some of your experiences, and really just have a conversation with friends. The audiences at these events are all part of a very welcoming community. Just be yourself, let your passion shine!

This past Nordic Summit, I got to co-present a session with my podcast co-host and awesome friend Ulrikke Akerbæk. (one of the Nordic Summit 2024 organizers by the way). We had so much fun and gave each other great energy and it was one of the best presentations I have been a part of. If you can team up with one of your buddies to present a session it can really be a great experience!

Julie Yack

Julie is a trainer, author, mentor, Microsoft MVP and COO at D365.Training. Passion for training programs, educating the next generation of low-code makers, enabling people to start their BizApps journeys. Let’s hear from Julie!

Why did you choose to become a mentor?

It’s important to make sure that everyone who wants to participate has a seat at the table.

Do you remember your first speaking engagement? Tell us about it!

I have two memorable stories about presenting. The first one takes us back to when I was a child in school, and I needed to present my science project. I was terrified. I kept going home from school sick with an upset stomach. Now I realize that it was a big fat case of imposter syndrome. I was so worried about not being the smartest kid in the room that I was terrified to present my science project.

And then one year at Convergence I had a session of building a new portal live (right before Microsoft bought ADX Studio). Nothing worked. I even had the actual maker of the portals there and he couldn’t get it to work. Nothing went right. And I’m still here. :blush:

What’s your best advise to new speakers?

You are the expert at what you know. No one knows it better.


Are you a new or unexperienced speaker and want a mentor supporting you in your Nordic Summit CFS process and more? Sign up at the Mentor Program page!

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Nordic Summit 2024 Mentors Canadian & US Edition

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