Nordic Summit Mentor Program 2024

With the main purpose to help new or unexperienced speakers in the Call for Speakers process, the Nordic Summit Mentor program was introduced last year. For Nordic Summit 2024 we are continuing with this program. It will be led by Sara Lagerquist who will be matching new mentees with our mentors.

Depending on the needs of the mentee, the mentor program spans from brainstorming session ideas, support putting the session abstract together to feedback on slides after you have been selected as a speaker and even co-speaking opportunities.

Why a Mentor Program?

We provide a mentor program simply because we want to encourage new people to take part in the community and share their experiences. We know it might be difficult to navigate how things work at events and how sessions are picked. Having help from an experienced speaker can help with such things.

How to Apply

Last year’s mentor program gave us stories, like the one about Mats and José, A Successful Mentoring Story, Mats and José! Are you a new or unexperienced speaker? The next mentoring story starts right here. By filling in the mentee application on the Mentor Program page. The program is open to anyone who wants to submit a session for Nordic Summit as their first speaking engagement.

The Matching Process

Depending on the amount of of applications we get, we might be able to provide you a mentor or not. The mentors do have other obligations of course and do not have unlimited time. But let’s look at how the matching process works.

When you apply, you have the chance to let us know more specifically what are your specific needs. We will then try to find you a good match. We will consider your interests as well as experience. If you have expressed interest in co-speaking, we will match you with a mentor who might be up for that.

Then we will get back to you with information if we will be able to provide you with a mentor or not and if you will have been matched with a mentor we will let you know what the next step will be.

The Mentors 2024

We are proud to present the line up of mentors for Nordic Summit 2024 🙏 Spread over the world and ready to be matched with mentees!

Rebekka Aalbers-de Jong, The Netherlands
Dani Kahil, Australia
Keith Atherton, Scotland
EY Kalman, England
George Doubinski, Australia
Feridun Kadir, England
Amey Holden, Australia
Mike Hartley, England
Éric Sauvé, Canada
Carl Cookson, England
Julie Yack, The USA
Wilmer Alcivar, The Netherlands
Ben den Blanken, The Netherlands
Nick Doelman, Canada
Luise Freese, Germany

In our upcoming posts, you will hear about tips for new speakers directly from the mentors, together with other fun topics. Stay tuned!

We are looking forward to your applications and to match mentees with mentors!

Are you an experienced speaker and interested in joining the team of Nordic Summit mentors? Send us an email: .

Cover photo by Neil Thomas on Unsplash


Nordic Summit Mentor Program 2024

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