Nordic Summit 2022 Attendee Story, Laura Webb

Introducing Nordic Summit Story posts!

Welcome to our first Nordic Summit 2022 Attendee Story post. You will see more of these, as well as Speaker Stories. First out is someone who travelled from the United Kingdom to Stockholm, Sweden in to attend Nordic Summit. She made a holiday of it and even documentation the weekend and her learning from it herself, read on and we’ll let you know where to find her story in her own words.

About our guest

Let’s welcome our first guest Laura Webb to our blog!

Picture of Laura Webb

Laura is a Functional Consultant spending her working days with Power Platform and Dynamics 365 CE.

Who is Laura?

It would be a shame not to use some of Laura’s own about who she is. When Laura writes something it is always with a great sense of humor, and it is almost as if you could see the glimpse in her eyes as the words are placed together. So, who is Laura?

You mean you don’t know?!?! Haha I am Laura Webb or ‘Ohhhh, Tech Trump Laura’ as people seem to be shouting at me during events now as the lightbulb goes on. I don’t know if this question simply required my name or a deeper understanding of who Laura Webb is, so I’ll try to do both in like 10 words…. I am Laura Webb and most grateful to be here.

Laura Webb

Spare time and fun facts

On her spare time, Laura does creative stuff mostly and lots of learning. She likes simplifying things (improving processes, decluttering, organizing and finding life hacks) and supporting others. Among all the many passions she mentions drawing, visiting new and beautiful places, music and dancing. As a fun fact she mentions she can do Kizomba, West Coast Swing, Modern Jive and Blues dancing!

We gave Laura a tricky question, would she rather build a Power Automate cloud flow live or eat 50 marshmallows? After thinking about it from different angles (all marshmallows in at once, big or little ones, complicated flow or not, Laura to choose flow logic or someone else chooses), she gave an answer.

“If it’s 50 little marshmallows all at once….I’d give that a go. If I got to choose the flow…I’d give that a go. Ooo I’d even try building a flow of my choice whilst eating 50 tiny marshmallows on stage.”

Nordic Summit Weekend

Laura did not go to Sweden all by herself. She also brought her brother along with her, and they made a holiday of it. They even have a goal to visit as many Scandinavian countries as they can.

Favourite sessions

We ask Laura about her favourite sessions. She mentioned two, but also added that she enjoyed and got something from all the sessions she attended. The first one she wanted to highlight was the sessions from Chris Huntingford, Is Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement dead? Below is a picture taken by our photographer Adrian Beck. Can you spot Laura in the audience?

She then brought up Timo Pertilä’s session, How to build next level canvas Power Apps. Below are Laura’s own words about these favorite sessions of hers.

Chris is very engaging and the whole session mentioned points and questions that I have at one stage or another thought about since starting my career in this industry, so I found it very interesting.

Timo’s session was really cool. I love seeing how people can recreate things as a canvas app when they set their mind to it. Recreating an excel spreadsheet as a canvas app was interesting. Also seeing the limitations and barriers that he came up against was good to know.

Laura Webb

Meeting community friends

When traveling to a community event you get to meet with community friends. Below are Laura and Nordic Summit Speaker Paul Murana.

Overall Nordic Summit 2022 Experience

We asked Laura about her Nordic Summit 2022 experience and she mentioned how she visits different events and thinks about how each event has something that stands out in the crowd.

I really, really enjoyed it. I always find it interesting to see what each event’s usp is and how they differ from one another. The size of the venue for me made it a much more friendly event and easy to be seen by all, whether you were a speaker or attendee.

Laura Webb

If you want to hear more about Laura’s visit to Sweden including her own story about her Nordic Summit 2022 experience and what she learned during the day, don’t miss all the details in her own post about it on Web Side Story – Blog.

We love her featured picture of that post! So much that we borrowed it as featured picture to this post as well. During her visit in Sweden, she definitely showed her creative side and this beautiful drawing was made.

Thanks for being one of the guests at our blog Laura and hope to have you as an attendee (and perhaps also a speaker 😀) at a future Nordic Summit event.

Do you have a Nordic Summit 2022 story to tell? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The Nordic Summit Team

Nordic Summit 2022 Attendee Story, Laura Webb

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