Nordic Summit 2022 Attendee Story, Stina Persson

Attendee Story, Stina Persson

In our previous Nordic Summit story posts, attendees and speakers have shared with us that they traveled from different parts of the world in order to get themselves to the event.

Today we’re back with a new participant story and this time it is about someone who did not need to travel that far to attend Nordic Summit because she is already located in Stockholm, Sweden.

About our guest

Let’s welcome our guest Stina Persson to our blog!

Stina has a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE background. She has been a consultant since 2012 and before that she was working on the customer side with MS BizApps, at SF AB (Sweden’s leading cinema chain). She currently works part time as a solution architect with all things Power Platform and Dynamics 365 and part time being on parental leave.

Nordic Summit 2022

As mentioned in the beginning of the post, Stina did not travel far to get herself to the event. She lives in the same city the event was held and naturally lots of colleague and former colleages to Stina were there to. One part of the event that she really enjoyed was to meet with them as well as with other community friends. Meeting with your colleagues might sound like something you do all day long, but since she has been on parental leave for a while it has been some time since she met with them all.

Favourite session

There is one session that Stina would like to highlight a little extra, the session delivered by Ryan Maclean. The name of the session was Better Integration between D365 and SharePoint using Power Automate. Our photographer Adrian Beck captured moments from Stina’s favourite session.

Overall event experience

We asked Stina about her overall Nordic Summit 2022 experience. She highlights the possibility to network and meet with others and it also sounds like the organizers had done their job. 🙂

I enjoyed seeing everyone and was very impressed by how well organized the whole thing was.

Stina Persson

Spare time and fun facts

A fun fact about Stina is that she has a green thumb and can get plants to grow big fast, even though she has not yet created a Power Apps app helping her to take care of the plants.

Other fun facts are that she has graduated from the Swedish Ballet Academy (not made any dance apps either though) and recently, she attended a baby rave party with her little one.

Below is a picture from Stina, it’s her monstrous and very decorative Monstera plant which apparently survives well without a watering or caring instructions app (wouldn’t it be fun with such an app though?)

A very big Monstera plant

As all our guests Stina was asked if she rather build a Power Automate cloud flow live on stage or eat 50 marshmallows? Her answer to that questions was “Build a flow on stage, definitely”. Very quick answer from Stina! Maybe we now know a contestant for a future game show?

Thank you for being on the blog Stina, sharing both your favourite session from Nordic Summit with us as well as letting our readers know about the fun facts. We hope to see you in Copenhagen in September for Nordic Summit 2023!

The Nordic Summit Team

Nordic Summit 2022 Attendee Story, Stina Persson

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