Nordic Summit 2022 Attendee Story, Viktoria Paulsson

Attendee Story, Viktoria Paulsson

In our previous post, the Nordic Summit 2022 speaker Nick Doelman was in the center of attention. We wrote about how crowded the room was as he talked about and demonstrated Microsoft Power Pages.

Today’s guest was right there, in the middle of that crowded room. But before we get to that point, let’s take a few steps back to where this story started.

About our guest

Let’s welcome our guest Viktoria Paulsson to this blog!

Viktoria lives in Uddevalla, on the west coast of Sweden. She works as an IT-developer in Uddevalla municipality, closely to the business, involving and supporting the end users in building their own apps.

In Sweden, Uddevalla municipality is known for being in the forefront of innovation where developers collaborate with the business and end users. They utilize different parts of the Power Platform, building apps and automate daily work.

One of the stories from Uddevalla includes how an upper secondary school uses Power Platform to track the students’ progress in sports.

Uddevalla möjliggör utveckling i organisationen med hjälp av Power Platform

Below is a pictured from Uddevalla Kommun, shared with us from Viktora.

We asked Viktoria about her role and what she likes the most about it.

In my role as an IT developer, I contribute to making everyday life easier for both my coworkers and our citizens. I love the combination of business development and technology. Every day I learn something new in my job and that is my passion.

Viktoria Paulsson

As a fun fact about herself, Viktoria says that she loves marshmallows. We gave her the same question as the other blog guests got, would she rather eat 50 marshmallows or build a Power Automate cloud flow live on stage? Well, you probably can guess her answer considering the fun fact. The answer we got was that she loves marshmallows and will undoubtedly eat 50 marshmallows rather than build a cloud flow live on stage.

The Nordic Summit weekend

Viktoria travelled by train for a few hours in order to get herself from her hometown Uddevalla to Stockholm.

As part of the event check-in, the attendees were given name badges which they could decorate and personalize with flags (where you are from) and Power Platform related icons. Power Automate, Dataverse and Power Apps were Viktoria’s choices when it comes to the product icons.

Favorite session

Viktoria mentioned it was hard to choose what sessions to attend, since there were so many interesting sessions! When we asked her about her favorite session, the answer was the below.

My favorite session at Nordic Summit was with Nick Doelman, Crash course in Power Pages. Nick was very funny and a pleasure to listen to.

Viktoria Paulsson

Here is a picture that Viktoria took at Nick’s session.

Viktoria also mentions that she got good insight into Power Pages, which is an area of the Power Platform that she has not looked at before. Can you spot Viktoria in the below picture? It is taken by Adrian Beck, our photographer.

Made it a family vacation

Like our previous guests here at the blog, Viktoria did not travel alone to Nordic Summit. Why not combine business with pleasure, she thought, and bring her family along the way. She did and they stayed in Stockholm for the whole weekend.

During the event day, which was on Saturday, Viktoria left her family to enjoy themselves in the city, while she went to the conference.

Victoria's dauthers visiting Stockholm

We asked Viktoria about Nordic Summit 2022, and she gave us the summary below.

It was an amazing day and a lovely atmosphere.

Viktoria Paulsson

Thank you, Viktoria for being on the blog, we hope to see you in Copenhagen in September at Nordic Summit 2023!

Do you have a Nordic Summit 2022 story to tell? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The Nordic Summit Team

Nordic Summit 2022 Attendee Story, Viktoria Paulsson

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