Nordic Summit 2022 Speaker Story, Nick Doelman

Speaker Story, Nick Doelman

In our previous post we kicked off a series of posts in which you will get to know people from Nordic Summit 2022. Today we are back, and this time with a speaker story! The guest of this post is someone who travelled to Sweden from Ottawa, Canada to attend Nordic Summit 2022 as both speaker and pre-day workshop trainer.

About our guest

We have the great privilege to welcome Nick Doelman to our blog!

Nick is a Senior Content Developer at Microsoft. His primary area is Power Pages documentation, but he also helps in other areas of product development, community and training.

Powerful documentation about Power Pages for a living, but Powerful technology is not the only thing Nick is passionate about. He is also a competitive Powerlifting. A fun fact about Nick is that he has represented Team Canada at the North American Powerlifting Championship in Panama as well as at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship in New Zealand.

We asked Nick if he would rather build Power Automate cloud flow live on the stage or eat 50 marshmallows. The answer we got was: Totally build a flow live on stage. Marshmallows are gross 🤢

Nordic Summit 2022

When we organizers look back at the event, if there is one thing we would change for future events it would be to give Nick a bigger room. His session about Power Pages was very popular. Next time we’ll make sure to plan better!

Below is Nick, holding the session Crash Course in Power Pages. Photo by our photographer Adrian Beck. Adrian also took this post’s featured picture. The rest of the pictures from Nordic Summit throughout this post are taken by the Nordic Summit organizers.

One really cool part of Nick’s session was when he demoed how Nordic Summit’s website could be re-built using Power Pages. He sure caught the organizers’ attention there! Such a great example which the audience (not only the organizers hopefully) easily could relate to.

Nick did not only hold a session about Power Pages on the event day. He also held a pre-day workshop Power Pages in a Day the day before the event and he was also one of the brave main characters during the Nordic Summit Game Show.

The Game Show was held in the end of the event day. There were lots of tricky questions throughout the different game rounds. The audience could learn some Power Platform related facts along with the fun. Licensing was in one of the rounds and Nick knows his licensing!

The audience could follow and participate in the show. Was it his great knowledge about licensing, his triumphs in Powerlifting Championships or his humble personality that made him the audience’s favorite contestant?

We asked Nick about his Nordic Summit 2022 experience.

It was amazing. Great sessions, great community vibe. Very well organized and delivered. My favorite session was the game show at the end of the day.

Nick Doelman

The Sweden/Finland Trip

When our guest had been selected to come and hold a Power Pages session in Stockholm, he made sure not only to come here and speak, but also to make a nice little family vacation of it. He arranged for his wife and daughter to come over and spend a week in Sweden right after the event. They also visited Helsinki, Finland while they were here.

We asked Nick to share with us some of his most memorable moments from his trip. He mentioned that of course meeting friends in their home countries always is a highlight. He found the trip all very interesting and they enjoyed visiting the old town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan), the Vasa museum and of course the Abba museum. In Finland they explored the city of Helsinki and the Suomenlinna.

Nick and ABBA!

Nick and family visited Ikea!

How great to see a Nordic Summit speaker making the most out of his trip!

We now know that Nick’s session (as well as the pre-day workshop) was very popular. Stay tuned to hear from someone who attended and very much appreciated Nick’s session!

Thanks for being one of the guests at our blog Nick and hope to have you as a speaker again at a future Nordic Summit event. Our readers can find Nick on LinkedIn and Twitter, follow his work at GitHub and check out his personal blog for Power Pages related posts,

Do you have a Nordic Summit 2022 story to tell? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Nordic Summit 2022 Speaker Story, Nick Doelman

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