Nordic Summit 2023 Venue

Nordic Summit is a traveling event meaning we will be in different countries and cities each year. The country for Nordic Summit 2023 was chosen by the attendees of the 2022 event – and this year we will visit Copenhagen, Denmark!

Picking a Venue

As a traveling event we want to show the best of the countries we visit. A good event has several aspects that need to function, one of them is a great venue. We consider breakout rooms, main event room, dining, snacks, location, photogenic scenery.. – you get the idea!

When we go to a city we consider all venue options and go down from there. This time we had 12 different venues we considered. We narrowed that down to 5 and went to visit them. After an entire day of touring Copenhagen the choice was easy – Comwell Copenhagen Portside.

Comwell Copenhagen Portside

First, this venue is very picturesque. Be ready to take a ton of selfies! The dining area can accommodate all the attendees and there will be tons of snacks options. The breakout rooms are not too big while still being big enough for the expected attendees. And best of all, a perfect size common area to allow for networking opportunities and sponsor sections!

The venue is located right next to the metro, so the city is only 10 minutes away. This will allow you to bring all the friends you made at the venue to Copenhagen nightlife after the event.

Picture of a conference room at Comwall

Where to stay?

Our venue happen to be a hotel, and would be a great place to stay to get the best experience the event can offer! Do you want to stay here? Check out the link below to see our Nordic Summit offer through Comwell Copanhagen Portside!

Book your stay at Comwell Copenhagen Portside

Picture of a conference room at Comwall

Nordic Summit 2023

We are looking forward to bringing you a great event in 2023, and possibly the best Power Platform and Dynamics 365 event of the year. Currently, we are working hard to prepare for a mix of experienced speakers as well as allowing a safe space for first-time speakers.

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen for Nordic Summit 2023!

The Nordic Summit Team

Nordic Summit 2023 Venue

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Nordic Summit 2023

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