Nordic Summit 2022 Sponsor Story, ClickDimensions

In an earlier post, we highlighted the benefits of being a sponsor at community events. We run Nordic Summit events as non-profit, and therefore we rely on sponsors. They are not just highly appreciated; sponsors are necessary for us to be able to run these events. In today’s post, you will meet with one of the companies which chose to be a sponsor at Nordic Summit 2022 and for 2023!

About our guest

Say hello to Anniek Habets who works at our 2022 sponsor ClickDimensions!

Anniek is from The Hague, Netherlands and she’s the Martech Solution Specialist with ClickDimensions. We asked Anniek what she does in her role and what a typical workday looks like.

As a Martech Solution Specialist I support organizations who evaluate marketing automation for their Dynamics 365 environment and show what is possible within our unified marketing analytics platform based on the needs of an organization. My typical day consist of consultations with customers, product demonstrations and catch-ups with our valued partners. The best part of my job is unifying IT, Marketing and sales teams.

Anniek Habets

Nordic Summit 2022


About being a sponsor

We asked Anniek why ClickDimensions chose to be a sponsor at Nordic Summit 2022. She mentioned that this was the first opportunity in a long while to in-person sponsor an event in the Nordics. They mainly wanted to be a sponsor to meet our partners and customers and introduce their new Marketing & Sales Automation Component build on the Power Platform. A new Marketing & Sales Automation Component, that sounds interesting. We asked Anniek to tell us a bit more about that new component.

While I can’t share too much about this new component at this time, in the next few months we will launch a full revenue platform on the Power Platform, we welcome anyone interested at our booth at the 2023 Nordic Summit where we will be able to share more details then.

Anniek Habets

As a sponsor you must have certain expectations before an event. We were curious about ClickDimensions expectations. Anniek mentioned they expected great organization and facilitation of the equipment and guidance on location. Did we meet those expectations? 😊 Yes you met them, was the answer to that question. Happy to hear that!

Below is Anniek at Nordic Summit 2022 with her colleague Marco van Ijzerloo at the ClickDimensions booth. Picture taken by our photographer Adrian Beck.

Favourite session

Since the attendees go to sessions and most activity at the sponsors’ booths are in between sessions, as a sponsor, you could also go to some session. Did Anniek do that and if yes, which session did she like the most? She went to the session ISV Business Solutions: BizApps Products versus Accelerators and she found it very interesting since ClickDimensions is an is an ISV. Below is a picture from the session. Picture taken by our photographer Adrian Beck.

Visiting Sweden

It sounds like Anniek enjoyed her visit to the Nordic Summit. We got curious about what else she did during her visit to Sweden. Anniek mentioned to us that this was her first ever visit to Sweden and that during her stay they had the pleasure to meet several Swedish Partners, including the Nordic Summit 2022 organizing sponsor CRMK in person, and to explore the streets and architecture of beautiful Stockholm. She also paid a visit to the Nobel Prize Museum.

We asked Anniek about her overall Nordic Summit experience.

It was a great experience, we were able to reach a new audience and increased our network and knowledge about the Power Platform.

Anniek Habets


Nordic Summit 2023

As revealed earlier in this post, ClickDimensions will be a sponsor also at Nordic Summit 2023. 🙏 We asked Anniek about other sponsoring commitments and she mentioned ClickDimensions have multiple events to attend in 2023, throughout the US and Europe. We also asked her about Nordic Summit 2023 and she mentioned is very much looking forward to it. Makes us happy to hear that! We got curious about what she is looking forward to the most. As an answer to that Anniek said to meet the community and keep being informed about the developments within the Power Platform.

Tips to event organizers

As community organizers, we always want to give back to the larger community. We have asked Anniek what they see as most important for sponsoring events like ours!

The first thing she mentioned was to get recognition as a brand as well as to get introduced to the community. For the event to be promoting the sponsors, as well as providing opportunities for the event attendees to pass by the sponsor’s booth were things she brought up. Also, prepare the schedule of the day so that there are timeslots where visitors can pass by the sponsor’s booths. Getting foot traffic in front of the booth is super important to a sponsor!

We were also curious about what our sponsors want the organizers of events to prepare for them before arrival. As an answer to that Anniek replied providing the sponsors with correct information on; parking, hotel facility, and equipment such as tables, and hardware.

Fun fact

We will end this post with a fun fact from Anniek. It’s something related to being a sponsor at a community event and it’s also kinda cute!

Fun story: At an event we sponsored recently somebody came to our booth to collect a stress ball for his mother who was having problems with blood flow into her fingers 😂

Anniek Habets

We can’t guarantee there will be any stress balls at Nordic Summit 2023. But meet up in September with Anniek and her colleagues to learn all about that new component.

Thank you Anniek for being a guest at our blog and THANK YOU ClickDimensions for sponsoring our Nordic Summit events!

About ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions is the solution for small to medium businesses (SMBs) that unifies all your sales and marketing efforts and gives you more control over every lead. For far too long, SMBs haven’t had the capability that large enterprises have to unify the customer experience and minimize things like broken handoffs and recycled leads. The end result? Too many lost leads. ClickDimensions helps SMBs take back control of their leads by giving them a way to reach every target, see every interaction, and connect everything together – all from a single platform. That’s why over 3,000 organizations across the globe trust ClickDimensions.

Nordic Summit 2022 Sponsor Story, ClickDimensions

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