Travel to Nordic Summit

Nordic Summit is touring Copenhagen this year. The venue is located close to the city center of Copenhagen, and should be very easy to find. Here you can read more about our venue, Comwell Copenhagen Portside in Nyhaven area of Copenhagen.

With easy access of public traffic, getting to the venue should be a breeze! It’s just around the corner from the subway and ferry terminal, Orientkaj.

So, whether you need travel tips to get to Copenhagen, or how to travel during the weekend, check out our travel tips below!

Travel to Copenhagen

Traveling to Copenhagen can be done many ways, and depending on where you call home!

For those needing air travel, we offer a discount on a wide range of public fares on all AIR FRANCE, KLM and their code-shared flights worldwide.

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Event: Nordic Summit
ID Code: 40324AF
Travel Valid Period: September 15, 2023 to October 1, 2023

Public Transport

Public transport in Copenhagen is great, and will probably be preferred for you that are local to the area, or are staying on in Copenhagen for a long weekend!

You can download the DOT app to buy tickets If you are planning on staying for a few days, it might make sense to get a Copenhagen Card which will allow you to use all public transport for free as well as serve as entrance pass for the main attractions

No matter how you pay, you can always plan your journey with the Journey Planner app or website Google Maps is also correct if there are no delays, but Journey Planner is updated live with the location of trains and busses, so you never miss your connections.


Copenhagen has one of the highest ratios of bicycles in relation to its population. So get out into the open air and experience the capital together with Copenhageners.

From the venue if you are staying there, you can rent bicycles on a daily basis. Just contact the reception. Price per bicycle is 185 DKK for a whole day.


Travel to Nordic Summit

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